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The internet is always promising a number of hair loss products, shampoo, treatments and cures to anyone that will read and buy them. There are many medical procedures including hair transplants, shampoos and herbal remedies all promising the same thing. Restoring your hair. The industry is worth well in excess of $1.5 Billion with people spending their money all around the world on the latest idea to combat hair loss.

These remedies do little to tackle premature hair loss any effectiveness they do have will simply delay the process.

So can CBD Oil be different from all the other solutions? Cannabidiol or CBD oil is the latest substance being widely described as a premature hair loss treatment or benefits for thinning hair. Along with many other ailments it can cure hair loss is one.

Female hair loss

Can CBD stop hair loss?

If you have never heard of CBD before here’s a quick overview.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that is extracted directly from the hemp plant. The organic substance is safe to use and virtually free of the psychoactive THC compound most people associate with marijuana. That is the part that gets you high. CBD is used for a wide variety of conditions like anxiety, pain relief inflammation and many more.

For more in-depth analysis of CBD read What is CBD?

CBD oil is has been researched and has been found to be abundant in minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids which have been now proved to be a powerful food supplement. It is due to this that many believe CBD oil has the potential to be an effective aid in treating hair loss. Not just preventing it but also promoting and stimulating regrowth of hairs that have already been lost.

A study by researchers at the University of Seville in Spain has studied CBD and its properties. They found that Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids that are present in CBD are vital in maintaining overall general health. These acids are polyunsaturated which have high levels of Linolenic Acid and Gamma Linoleic Acid. These acids are essential when it comes to production and maintaining normal hair growth. Vitamin E is also a major aid in follicle growth and CBD is packed with it. There have been other studies that have suggested that they can benefit your whole body by balancing your hormones while promoting thicker hair as well as helping to repair damage to cells throughout your body.

Pretty powerful isn’t it?

To put it simply this shows that CBD oil is not only able of boosting the overall condition of your hair to make it healthier it also has the power to slow the progress that is associated with male pattern baldness and other hereditary and genetic hair loss conditions. It also presents the capability to help stop hair loss which is only considered temporary due to other factors such as stress or lack of sufficient vitamin intake due to a poor diet.

As well as reducing stress and anxiety levels because CBD oil is a natural substance it can help to improve the condition of your scalp and your hair. CBD Oil in rich as it also contains amino acids, vitamins A, D and E which are essential to repair and maintain hair and skin health. For some individuals, solving scalp issues will promote hair health and stop hair loss.

However, it’s extremely unlikely to be used as a treatment for genetic hair loss, while there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that it can reverse the process of male pattern balding. This condition, which as we know causes the hair to thin in the vertex area from the crown to the hairline, is typically relentless and will follow a consistent sequence until you’re left completely bald.

Can CBD Stop male pattern baldness?

CBD is very unlikely to be used as a hair loss solution for genetic hair loss. There is not enough evidence to say that it will cure male pattern baldness and the process of going bald. Fighting genetics is a difficult business, CBD Oil does not have evidence to promote new hair growth. That does not mean that CBD Oil cannot help if you are worried about going bald. CBD oil has many qualities that can help with the thickness and look of your hair if taken over a substantial amount of time.


Looking at the factors that cause hair loss is essential when dealing with and trying to stop it. Stress and sleep apnoea are widely considered to be major factors in hair loss. There are many scientific and medical studies that have been carried out in regards to this. There is a direct link between cortisol which is usually called the stress hormone, and problems and conditions relating to hair loss through stress and anxiety. CBD oil can balance the levels of cortisone in the body and aid in sleep and stress management. This obviously shows that if you can manage and reduce your stress and anxiety levels you can reduce your hair loss condition which is due to stress.

Losing your hair prematurely or at a young age can be psychologically damaging and cause large amounts of stress. It is a vicious circle. The more you stress over your hair loss the more it can increase the hair loss. Anxiety and mental health are only but a few of the advantages that CBD oil can present when dealing with hair loss. Mental well being and accepting hair loss in a positive way is the best way to improve your stress and anxiety levels. CBD oil will help to do this.

These are the ways CBD Oil can help:

How can CBD help with anxiety?

Even though CBD oil comes from cannabis it is virtually THC free, this is due to the way in which the flowers and leaves are processed to take out the compounds. This ensures the purity of the CBD oil and no or very little psychoactive properties remain. It is also fascinating to know that CBD compounds actually combat the psychoactive properties of THC. THC binds to the receptors in the body causing the receptor to fully activate and experiencing the High feeling. CBD does still react with the receptors but it can prevent them from being affected by THC and other compounds to counteract the THC.

There have been many other studies into the properties of CBD and how it can be antagonistic. These researches have shown that CBD can be very successful in the war against anxiety. There are many types of anxiety that CBD has been used for including OCD, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We are not sure exactly how or why CBD does have this effect, early studies and trials have indicated that CBD compounds assist in regards to the transmission of serotonin.

cbd oil hair loss

Okay so what is serotonin?

Essentially it is a neurotransmitter that sends messages from parts of the brain to others and impacts over 40 million cells throughout the body. This means that it can affect sleep, mood and social interactions and behaviour. If the amount of serotonin is imbalanced is can have a detrimental effect on the brain and mind. This in turn can cause feelings of stress, anxiety and depression over a sustained period. The trials that were conducted on CBD in Spain have shown that by ingesting CBD the compound has a dramatic and quick impact on the serotonin and vastly improved the rate at which messages were sent in the brain. The showed that the increase has positive effects on brain functions helping to maintain its health and can start to address the factors leading to anxiety. This will help people who are feeling the stressful symptoms of premature hair loss.

CBD Oil may reduce Stress

Like anxiety CBD oil has been shown to have similar effects on the body by individuals who have suffered from trauma. Stress and psychological issues that can occur after traumatic events can be debilitating. CBD oil can help with impacting the stress receptors in the brain. The hippocampus and amygdala are parts of our brain which control emotional well being and our senses. If these are overloaded it can leave the individual unable to cope. They find it difficult to endure normal daily events and suffer not only mentally but physically as well.

man stressed cbd

CBD oil can also help with other types of stress. Oxidative stress is a form of stress that occurs when we breathe in oxygen. Our body will metabolise the oxygen and turn it into energy. This process also creates free radicals which connect and interact with the cells in our body and DNA. Free radicals are not dangerous in small amounts but due to the significant increase throughout the environment due to pollution etc. free radicals are impacting health as the numbers grow. This then can lead to cell damage which can, in turn, lead to negative feelings and stress. Because CBD oil has the ability to protect cells as it is neuron-protective. This means that the antioxidant properties CBD Oil have can help to reduce cell damage and assist with coping with stress. The emotional stress of losing hair prematurely is a real symptom and CBD Oil is an amazing substance in combatting these feelings.

CBD Oil may aid Sleep

Coping with premature hair loss is stressful and your sleep will most likely be affected. Stress and anxiety which hair loss can cause could worsen as the brain needs time to rest and restore itself. Especially when it is coping with the emotional distress of the traumatic nature of hair loss. It leads to constant worrying and lack of sleep which leads to more anxiety and depression with no sight in view.

There have been significant medical studies about the impact CBD Oil has on sleep and anxiety. These studies have shown that CBD oil can be used as an effective coping tool that leads to a reduction in anxiety and aid in necessary sleep. CBD has the ability to block stressful or upsetting memories from being accessed during sleep and so the individual can have quality sleep without the worry of bad dreams. As I have stated before cortisone is also balanced by CBD which reduces anxiety levels and gives peaceful sleep and relaxation.

CBD Oil and sleep

Ultimately CBD can repress any upsetting or anxious thoughts in your mind. By doing this it helps to cope with your emotions effectively. It can impact the cortisol in your body and so when you have particularly stressful times throughout your life like facing premature hair loss it can aid and assist to ensure you do not lose sleep over it.

Sleep is a major factor in maintaining a healthy body and mind. CBD oil is definitely a substance that can help to achieve and maintain this balance. Coping with premature hair loss is hard but going forward with the correct mindset will help you to overcome it.

How to Use CBD Oil for Hair Loss

So we have established that CBD Oil has stress-reducing impacts on individuals if taken orally. Even without the THC CBD Oil is not addictive. As stated by the World health organisation. “At present, there are no case reports of abuse or dependence relating to the use of pure CBD.”

CBD is a food supplement you can use confidently and not worry about dependency or becoming intoxicated by it. You can use it daily if required to treat your hair loss.

Before starting to use CBD oil for hair loss it is imperative that you consult your GP first. CBD is an amazing substance but there is the possibility that it can interact negatively with certain antidepressants and antibiotics that have been prescribed.

CBD oil is most effective when taken orally via tinctures. There are varying strengths and you would need to build up to high strength if this is your choice. Drops are considered most effective as they go directly into your system with quicker results than edibles or gummies. They do not have to be digested as they are in liquid form, they are usually absorbed under the tongue. You can usually expect the effects of CBD oil drops to impact within half an hour but each individual case may vary.

CBD oil is also suitable to be used in a topical way and actually massaged into the scalp. CBD oils are a great remedy for itchy dry skin and scalp conditions. Massage a few drops directly into the follicles for a few minutes in the affected area or all over if required.

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