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Because CBD oil is a new product many people have questions regarding CBD oil benefits and uses. It can be overwhelming. CBD Products vary and so it is important to understand before you buy.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

Yes CBD Oil is legal in the UK since January 2017.  CBD Oil UK law stated that you could purchase any CBD oil.  All our UK CBD oils are produced using hemp plants are 100% legal to buy and consume in the UK and contain virtually no THC.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is derived from the Cannabid sativa plant. It is only one of more than 100 compounds that are naturally occurring in cannabis plants. The cannabis oil comes from the resin that is produced by the flowers of the plant. CBD is the most popular compound, and CBD oil has many benefits, but one of the other compounds is called THC, which gives the effects cannabis is usually associated with.

CBD oil works in harmony with your own body, which already contains cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system. This controls receptors and neurotransmitters in your body to help your body work effectively with your other systems.

The CBD oil helps your body create more or less of cannabinoids, which helps to control and maintain your anxiety, stress, and pain levels. CBD oil helps with a number of conditions. Below is a CBD oil Benefits list.

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pain relief
  • Skin conditions
  • Sleep apnoea 
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood pressure 
  • and many more

CBD oil is not to be used as a quick fix, its recommended to take over a period to improve symptoms by helping your body to make the changes internally. Many people do find that they do receive results straight away, but it is a long term solution that should be included in your everyday routine. How long does CBD oil take to work depends on the individual. CBD oil benefits vary from person to person.

The best time to take CBD oil is consistently taking it as part of a routine. Many of our customers use CBD in their morning routine or before they go to bed. It can be taken when your symptoms show. The recommended dosage is 1-2 drops per day.

When deciding how much CBD oil you should take there is no official recommended dosage as it is generally down to the individual to see what best works for them. It is advised that you start with a couple of drops a day to start with then slowly increase as you feel the positive effects. You will soon know what the best limit for you is. The CBD Oil benefits will appear over time.

There are many ways to take CBD effectively, but oil in the form of tinctures is one of the best ways to take CBD oil as it is the fastest way to introduce CBD into your body for relief.
CBD oil tinctures offer the quickest pain relief by introducing it to the body quickly. They have higher concentrations than other CBD products.

Our hemp is sourced from specialised organic licensed farms in Colorado, USA. The license means they maintain stringent rules. Our Hemp Oil is organic and produces organic CBD Oil.

An independent lab tests every batch of Caligold CBD oil, and the lab results are made available to the public. This means you can have confidence when buying our CBD oil.

As with all products, there is a small chance of side effects. Although they are incredibly uncommon. The only side effects of CBD oil reported have included:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Diarrhoea
  • Feeling Sick
  • Greater Weakness
  • Mood Change
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

This is why it is essential to start at a lower dosage, giving your body time to adjust to it before increasing the amount of CBD oil you take.

Buying CBD oil is easy online, but buying quality products is not. When buying CBD products online you will need to look at 2 factors.

  1. How are you going to take the CBD? – There are many products available that contain CBD, including tinctures, capsules, ointments, sweets, etc. You will need to find what is best for you. CBD oil provides the most complete and fastest results.
  2. What strength CBD oil do you want? – Doses and strengths vary entirely across the board. If you require a greater dosage to get the effects you want, a higher potency is better for you.

The difference between hemp and marijuana plants is that hemp plants contain a higher amount of CBD and lower amounts of THC. This is the reverse of marijuana. Marijuana plants do produce the same CBD, but with hemp, the product has more of the compounds you want.

The effects of Marijuana-based oils are not as long-lasting as hemp plants, so you will be spending more money and taking it more often for the same desired results. So the benefits of CBD oil far outweigh the Marijuana oils. 

No hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same. If you check the labels, you will see that not all oils have the same ingredients and strengths. The CBD oil, which is the best quality, is produced from the plants and flowers, not seeds. Hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing the seeds to extract the oil. It does contain a lot of good things but not CBD. So with CBD oil vs. hemp oil, CBD Oil has many more benefits.

Disclaimer: Dear valued customer, we would like to emphasise that the information presented here does not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is crucial to consult a healthcare professional before using CBD oil products, particularly if you are currently taking prescribed medications or have underlying health conditions, as individual responses and potential interactions may vary. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, and we recommend conducting your own research or consulting trusted sources before making any purchasing decisions. Please carefully review the product labelling and ingredient list to identify any potential allergens or substances that may not be suitable for your needs. By using our CBD oil products, you acknowledge and accept personal responsibility, agreeing that we shall not be held liable for any adverse effects, damages, or losses arising from their purchase, possession, or use.

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