CBD Oil and the Coronavirus

Coronavirus and cbd
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The Coronavirus is now a global crisis with the disease officially being called a pandemic. The condition which is known as COVID-19 has many people worried and taking many precautions against the disease with the hopes of not contracting it or passing it on to loved ones and more vulnerable members of society.

We are still learning about this new disease, but we have been advised about the best measures to limit the possibility of getting COVID-19.

Clean Hands

So what can we do?

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Make sure you moisturise after every wash to keep your hands from getting dry and sore. This can also prevent eczema and other skin conditions associated with too much hand washing. 
  • We have all been advised to wash for at least 20 seconds sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice and make sure we get in between our fingers. 
  • When you have washed your hands dry thoroughly, germs find it much easier to survive on moisture so keep your hands dry. 
  • If you cough or sneeze whether out in public of at home, cover your mouth and nose with your inner elbow or cloth, this will help to prevent passing anything on to surrounding people. 
  • Do not shake hands – meeting people outside for work or socially requires you to interact, but handshaking has been shown to be the easiest way to pick up and spread the disease. Yes, we all will have to start elbow bumping and shaking feet. 
  • Stay away from large crowds and gatherings to limit your chances of interacting with a carrier or infected person.
  •  Try to avoid visiting vulnerable or elderly relatives. This might seem harsh, but it is hopefully only for a short time. Keeping them safe is paramount at this time. 

CBD and Coronavirus

Be careful about what you are told or read about in regards to CBD and COVID-19.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that CBD will cure Coronavirus. You will find many people online trying to sell you CBD and claiming it will protect you. But this is simply not true. Although CBD can not cure or prevent Coronavirus, CBD does have soothing effects. 

Coughing Lady

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus. 

  • Coughing
  • High temperature or fever
  • Shortness of Breath

Unfortunately, when you can be infected up to 2 weeks before you start showing any symptoms, which is why staying away from people with underlying health conditions is very important. We are not suggesting that you go crazy and lock yourself away, just bearing in mind your surroundings when you are out in public and social interactions with others. 

There is nothing to prove that face masks prevent any transmission of the disease. Face masks are usually to stop the already infected passing on whatever they have, so it will not stop you from getting it. Washing your hands and not touching your face, nose and mouth is still the best preventative measure. 

How can CBD help?

 We have established CBD does have pain-relieving, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties which is why most people will find it can help with colds and flu-like symptoms. Anxiety increases when people are ill; CBD can help to alleviate these worries and make people who have contracted any illness relax. 

The key to getting well again from illness is rest and relaxation. CBD can make the user relax and less stressed but also sleeping. CBD can give peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. This will help people suffering from viral illness and disease as the doctor always tells us to get as much rest as possible. 

CBD Bottle

Benefits of CBD

  • It Can relieve anxiety
  • CBD can aid restful sleep
  • Help depression
  • Can help inflammation
  • May help to ease arthritic pains
  • If CBD can help to reduce all of these problems, then recovering from any virus would be more comfortable and easier.

For more benefits of CBD Oil please read What is CBD good for?

There is no scientific research that shows data in regards to using CBD for Flu and colds. This does not mean that it does not help; it just suggests that not enough research has been completed. The data and analysis we do have shows that CBD has the power to help with inflammation, whether it is viral or bacterial, which is a promising start. CBD does possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which can be great for flu sufferers. COVID-19 is a type of flu-like virus in some cases, it can be severe and others mild. CBD can be very beneficial when suffering from the flu.

Although no studies have been performed on Coronavirus patients with regards to CBD there is nothing to suggest that it would not be beneficial. As always, we would recommend speaking to your doctor before taking any CBD products. CBD can have reactions to certain medicines which is why is it best to consult a GP first. 

Coronavirus vaccine

Is there a cure for Coronavirus?

As of today, there is no cure for Coronavirus. The World Health Organisation- WHO and scientists around the world are all working frantically to try and find a vaccine for this disease. Most doctors are recommending pain relievers to sufferers. CBD can be an efficient pain reliever. Doctors would prescribe paracetamol. CBD can have the ability to do just a good a job as any of these medicines. We also know that antibiotics will not work against this disease. Antibiotics do not prevent or cure viruses. CBD does show anti-viral properties giving it a good chance in helping the immune system in regards to viruses and illnesses. There are many excellent benefits that CBD Oil possesses and may be a great asset in your fight against the disease. 

All CBD products have seen a boost in sales since the Coronavirus emerged from China in December 2019. People are purchasing CBD oils to help deal with anxiety fears and ease the minds of people. OK, they might not be stockpiling as much as the toilet paper and pasta, but there has definitely been a significant increase in sales of CBD. This is because people that already use CBD as part of their lifestyle know what it can do and realise how it can help it times of need. 

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