CaliGold CBD Affiliate Program

The CBD Oil Market is a continuous and fast growing industry which is now starting to take hold in the UK not just the US.
We are offering an amazing opportunity for you to profit from our premium CaliGold CBD oils by becoming an affiliate
of ours and promoting our CBD products while earning a cool 25% per sale.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate program similar to a referral program. You can earn money when someone you’ve referred to our site buys something. A CBD Oil affiliate is the same. As an affiliate, there is no limit on how much you can earn.

A CBD affiliate programs are one the best Affiliate programs in the UK. If you are looking for affiliate programs that pay then CaliGold CBD Oil program is the one for you.

An Affiliate Program That Pays!

Our Affiliate program is 100% risk free because we do not ask you to invest with us only earn. Each of our affiliates is provided with a 90 day cookie so anyone who visits the site via your link and does not buy, if they return and purchase within 90 days you will automatically retain that commission.  

What’s more we have a subscription program for our CBD oil customers. This means that anyone who signs up for a monthly subscription with us via your link, you will earn a commission every month that they buy our products. 

Join Our Affiliate Program.

Affiliate programs in the UK can be very profitable. You can earn a passive income even from just
sharing with you family and friends!

Suitable For All

Our affiliate program is not just for seasoned professionals. They are suitable for anyone who wants to make money. This is an excellent affiliate program for bloggers but also everyday customers. Anyone can promote CaliGold Oils on their websites, social media pages and earn commission. You can have confidence when promoting our products as we are the best CBD oil in the UK. The CBD oil industry is a very profitable one which is only going to grow. Now is the right time to participate. 

Social Media is your best tool

We all know social media is the best way to promote these days. You can reach a huge audience just by sharing links and images to your page. This is no different to how affiliates work. Sharing Caligold CBD on your page to your family and friends will earn you commission when they buy from your own personal link. Our CBD oils can be shared on all social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn and any other sharing site you use. It really is that easy. You will be given your own personal link that you can share on your pages that go to us making sure you capitalize on all the customers we get from you.

Our affiliate program is completely free. We do not ask for any upfront costs and we will never charge you later.

Our CBD affiliate program is simple.

1. Sign up for the program

2. We approve and send you a unique link for you to share with potential customers.

3. You will receive 25% of any one time purchase made from our site and 25% of any recurring monthly subscriptions which you will also receive monthly.

No, we are looking for people who are interested in our brand and promoting it properly. If you are interested in CBD oil and have experience with it this will help you. We want affiliates that are excited about educating the public about CaliGold CBD and CBD oil benefits. Cannabidoids are a new product and we are excited about sharing it’s benefits. 

Our affiliate program is for bloggers but not exclusively. Anyone can share via social media. If you do not have a website you can promote solely through your social media pages. If you have lots of followers then this is ideal for you.

Of course, we are happy that you count us as a company you want to promote. We would like to think that you prefer our CBD though.

Yes you must be 18 years of age or over to join our top affiliate program and promote our products.

We are very proud of our company and we want you to be also. We take great care to produce and maintain our high standards and we expect the same from our affiliates. We expect you to promote our CBD products ethically and honestly. We are a brilliant company to work with and we hope you will feel the same.


From our affiliate page you can access your affiliate dashboard, or from the footer at the bottom on the page. You can also just click this link. In the affiliate dashboard you will be able to see all your clicks and visitors via your own link and how much commission you have earned. 

Ready To Get Started?

Excited to benefit from the growing demand for high-quality CBD products in the UK?
We welcome you to join our affiliate program.

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