30ml – 6000mg CBD Oil

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Experience CBD in its most potent, full spectrum form. For your ideal serving, take day and night consistently until you experience natural relief. All CaliGold CBD products are 100% Organic.

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  • 30ml bottle
  • Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil.
  • Pesticide Free – Heavy Metal Free
  • Independently lab tested for potency and purity
  • THC FREE Athlete Friendly

Premium Quality, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Approved by USDA providing guarantee, quality and its safety. Certificate of Analysis can be checked by clicking here

Sourced from Premium Grade USA Hemp – Colorado. Organically refined and cured to maximum strength


Hemp Plant/Flower Extract
Virgin Coconut Oil


Servings 30 | Servings Size 1ml | Organic Hemp Oil | Calories 256 | Total Fat 20g. 27% | Medium-chain | Triglycerides | (MCT) 13g | C8-0 Caprylic Acid 7.3g |C10.0 Capric Acid 5.0g | C12.0 Lauric Acid 0.7g


Shake well before use, one full dropper (1ml) per day, consult a doctor before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take if pregnant, breastfeeding, if taking other medication(s) or suffering from a medical condition(s). For use by adults ages 18 or over. Keep out of reach from children.



49 reviews for 30ml – 6000mg CBD Oil

  1. Nia J


  2. Hassan

    Great great great

  3. L. Jackson

    I am so happy with the results and could genuinely not be happier. I am so satisfied and this was worth every penny.

  4. Hayley Comber

    I was a little reluctant to buying it at first but this has honestly been the best purchase I have ever made. The product is AMAZING and has improved my sleeping pattern and my back pains massively. Very grateful and I would recommend to everyone!

  5. Beaù

    Helpful and has made my life a lot more easier. Recommend to anyone with anxiety or issues with sleeping.

  6. Jaimme

    So good

  7. purplecolouredmaniac

    Great great great !!!

  8. Faris

    amazed with the results. could not be more happier

  9. Chloe Hijera

    Great product

  10. Tjay

    My 3rd time buying from here and it is honestly the best

  11. Vickie Gomez

    I was skeptical at first because of the price however, it was worth EVERY PENNY! It has had a tremendous impact on my life and for the better! Probably the best thing I have ever bought.

  12. Camilla

    Most defo worth the price

  13. Maura

    SO SO SO GOOD! This product is unreal and has helped me a lot.

  14. Fergy

    Good. I went for the biggest and baddest and all I can say is that this product is epic. I love it and I will be continuously buying from here.

  15. Polly

    So good and helping me sleep and be ready for school

  16. Sarah Pink

    Good good products, not one thing to complain about.

  17. Liam Frenchino

    I absolutely love the results i have gotten from CaliGold. Let me tell you, trustworthy, working well and amazing! Three things I would describe this company as.

  18. Jake Maffey

    Trust me to go for the biggest of the big lol. Really happy with the results I’ve gotten from it and every penny I spent was worth it.

  19. Savannah Pink

    Love this and this has really helped me improve my lifestyle.

  20. Yoanna Beveris

    Good company really happy w the outcome of using cbd

  21. Janette

    Bloody insane !

  22. Caroline Salvabert

    Very good. Helped me with my sleepless nights and I’m thankful for that

  23. Iggy

    Good. Needed this

  24. Gracie12345678

    Worth price! Helps me tons.

  25. Tyler Green

    Good product. It’s the best.

  26. Nevaeh Noble

    Im impressed with how such a little bottle can do so much magic.

  27. FunkyMark

    It’s a great product in general and it’s helped me. I have arthritis and always get really bad pains in my hand. I’ve been taking CBD oil and the pains have went down massively.

  28. Kylie Conway

    Good. Im not subscribing to CaliGold.

  29. Samms12

    Used this for about a month and all I can say is wow.

  30. Lucasz Polenga

    A bit pricey but it’s great.

  31. Scott Hunt

    Me and my Wife have been using Cali Gold CBD for quite a while and I think that it’s probably the best decision that we have made.

  32. Catherine Suzie

    Best product that I’ve ever used

  33. Aimeelovesdogs1

    Moved up to the 6000 and I’m thinking about subscribing soon.

  34. TjayBB

    Great, worth the price tbh!

  35. Albert Oli

    One of the only CBD Oil companies that actually work and are 100% truthful. Thanks so much CaliGold.

  36. Ronnie Boy

    Only been on this for a couple days and the pains in my back have almost gone.

  37. Hannah T

    Excellent product and this is just what I have needed. Reasonable price too.

  38. QuietAdam

    Product is great and the delivery service is smashing it. I love this and it’s worked so well.

  39. Craig L

    Didn’t know what to expect but it has definitely worked so well for my anxiety.

  40. Billie Pearl

    Honestly at first I didn’t think that it would work but after using this for about a week or two I have been feeling massive changes in my health and I have been a lot more active and haven’t had any bad pains.

  41. EagerDiego

    It’s a bit pricey but it does the job and even better. I love this and I have also signed up to be a member so I receive my monthly packages, I am so grateful for this.

  42. Gracie Mila

    I’m so happy that I’ve finally found a CBD Oil that has made a difference.

  43. Daniel JoJo

    Such a good product and I strongly recommend. I would have given a 5 star but it came a few days late.

  44. Swift Tate

    Such a great product. I recently started using this and I was a bit skeptical at first but I tried it and it actually started working. I am so shocked. WOW!

  45. Arabella

    I love the product and I would recommend it to anyone, it’s helped my joint pains.

  46. Finley Arlo

    Couldn’t have asked for a better service and the product started working within a week.

  47. Reuben

    I have upgraded from the last 2 packages and in my opinion, it has been THE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE! I love this CBD Oil it has helped me so much and I have the right amount too. I had really bad IBS and really bad joint pains and it has most definitely helped me with them!

  48. Jacob Max

    I recently had some operations on my knee and I have been given all sorts of pain killers that would never work. Since I have been taking this, my knee barely ever hurts and I can walk normally without it hurting. Thankful for this!

  49. Destini Nattinson

    My order had arrived promptly and I’ve been using this for a while and it’s a great product.

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