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An open letter from Caligold CBD

We are your favourite UK CBD store.

CBD oils have many incredible benefits. It wasn’t until January 2017 that this brilliant and natural pain reliever was legalised in the UK. Since its legalisation a whole new world has opened up to UK residents who want natural ways to control and maintain pain relief and not solely dependent on pharmaceuticals.

We at CaliGold were very eager to make high-quality CBD oils available to all UK consumers who wanted it that so we took the next step. Even we did not know how popular our CBD oils were going to be…

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We took it as our mission to make certain CBD products sold in the UK were of A-grade quality. We spent a lot of time checking other samples form not just UK suppliers but international as well. Our findings were surprising. We realised that not only did the CBD products from the US have a high-end quality not matched by the UK companies, but that most US companies did not deliver to the UK, or if they did, the prices were unbelievably high.

We also found that the CBD being sold to the public were of very low quality. Products being sold not just online but in high street shops as well did not contain the correct amounts of CBD oil to have any real effect. But unaware the UK public realistically had no alternative. The NHS advised the public to be cautious when buying CBD Oils.

There were too many companies easily setting up shop once it was legalised and selling low quality to make a quick buck.  

This is not our way.  

Legalisation does not mean regulations have been enforced, which we soon found out. There were so many issues due to the lack of regulation, including: 

  • Expensive oils with very low actual CBD content 
  • No knowledge about how CBD ingredients are sourced or tested 
  • Many products that didn’t contain any CBD at all. 
  • Risky and Unsound extraction processes 
  • Incorrect advertising about the benefits of CBD 
  • Lack of basic knowledge about CBD and what it does 
  • More interest in selling that helping  
  • How to use CBD products to get the best out of them  

The problem with new trends that occur is that shady characters try to make money quickly without researching. Many customers would then believe instead of CBD being a viable alternative product, which is very useful; it is just a con, and people did not get what they were buying.

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It is scandalous to think people were being taken advantage of in this way when they really did need help.  

This is why we decided to found CaliGold.  

UK CBD Oil You Can Trust.

We are confident that our CBD Oil is not only beneficial but outstanding. We give a completely transparent view
of our processes and manufacturing methods so you can see exactly what you are getting.

CaliGold is a grade-A US CBD oil, which is we have sourced directly from our handpicked US-based supplier. Not only is it the best quality from the US, but as we have completed so much time and research into our products and suppliers, we have ensured that every batch we receive is the same as the previous to maintain our high standards. Buying CBD oil from us means you are guaranteed the highest quality and potency in line with our strict regulations.

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Our priority is to give you the best, which is why we have chosen the finest hemp plants in their prime. Our supplier is fully licenced in accordance with US State law and FDA approved. The plants are grown in premium organic soil, which is entirely free of all toxins and herbicides, giving our CBD oil the purest and cleanest form. We are also careful to use the entire plant for our extraction to ensure our products contain the best possible amounts of cannabinoids and amino acids. Our products also contain tiny amounts of THC, ensuring you get the maximum benefits of these mighty compounds without any negative effects. 

Shop Our Premium CBD Oils.

We have created Caligold to give the UK market just as much high quality as the US Market. Try our oils and you will see the difference…

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