The Complete Guide on Using CBD for Eczema

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Eczema is a significantly widespread skin disorder that results in dry skin, itching, irritation and swelling.

There are numerous types of eczema. However, the most prevalent is Atopic Eczema. The condition of the skin can affect 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults in the UK. Some people who do not suffer from it as children may be diagnosed later in life and persist for a long time.

While the signs of eczema can be fairly easy to manage, root causes are often left untreated. That means flare-ups can be an issue for those affected by eczema. Most accept the flare-ups as a natural part of the condition.

What if there were an option to treat people suffering from eczema from the inside? Could a natural treatment be c.oser than we think?
Let’s have a closer look.

What Is Eczema?

Simply put, eczema can be described as irritation on the surface of your skin. Inflammation is a normal and natural reaction of the immune system after being exposed to infection or injury. It happens because the body works to remove a foreign substance or pathogen. It gives a certain degree of protection during your healing.

But, in some instances, the immune system reacts too strongly and triggers inflammation, even though it’s not needed. The inflammation could occur anywhere on the body, however, it is most likely to occur when it is affecting the skin.

There are separate types of eczema, each with slightly different triggers and signs. In all instances, inflammation is the primary reason. The inflammation causes the skin to become red, itchy and painful. It is also normal for people suffering from eczema to have extremely dry skin, which can lead to bleeding, cracks and the possibility of developing an infection.

A large number of people who suffer from eczema have problems sleeping since itching can cause them to be awake late at night. In addition, they might have lower self-confidence because of the appearance of their condition.

Atopic eczema can occur when it is in conjunction with other allergic or inflammatory conditions like allergies or asthma. It is not clear why eczema occurs however, it appears to be a result of environmental and genetic factors. Many sufferers report that their eczema becomes more severe when they consume certain foods and come exposed to chemicals, or experience stress.

Treatments for Eczema

If you suffer from eczema what you should do every day is to ensure that your skin is well-hydrated. The extra moisture can aid in easing the symptoms like itching and decrease the risk of flare-ups arising. Pick a high-quality, natural emollient, and apply it frequently during the entire day. You can also add moisturizing oils to your bathwater.

Doctors usually manage flare-ups of eczema using corticosteroid creams. Corticosteroids like hydrocortisone or betamethasone are potent anti-inflammatory medications. They provide quick and efficient relief from symptoms of eczema applied directly on the skin.

But, they may be a source of dangerous adverse effects. One of the most frequent is the thinning of the skin that makes it more susceptible to infection and injury. These can cause the skin to change colour or lead to various skin issues, such as patches and pimples.

Due to the negative side effects, patients should apply corticosteroids to their skin for a short duration. Many people suffering from eczema notice that their symptoms quickly recur when they stop taking their ointments containing steroids.

There are not many alternatives available to patients suffering from eczema, especially for long-term management of their illness. But, cannabidiol (CBD) is now well-known as a remedy for inflammation. Can this brand-new product provide alleviation from symptoms associated with Eczema? Initial research suggests it might be helpful.

How to Choose the Best CBD for Eczema

If you are not satisfied with the treatment options from your doctor for eczema that are available could consider looking for an alternative. There is a growing number of patients affected by the condition have claimed that CBD is effective.

In the absence of regulation, you’ll need to look into CBD for Eczema on a market with no regulation. In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp and included testing measures. But, this piece of law did not allow for the legalization of CBD or establish an appropriate legal structure.

Some countries are governed by laws that require some form that includes CBD testing. But, more often than often, you’re buying from an open marketplace in which the quality of the products can vary significantly.

If you are looking for CBD ensure that you choose brands that provide third-party testing for every product. Beware of any brand that makes shady claims about their products’ health. CBD is not approved to treat, cure or ‘diagnose’ any medical issue. Although CBD could be beneficial for various conditions, such as eczema it’s not an effective cure for all ailments.

CBD balm for Eczema

When you are looking for CBD products, it’s crucial to select them carefully. This is particularly the case when searching for something that can aid your skin. Beyond third-party research on the best CBD treatments for eczema usually have a range of natural ingredients to provide nourishment and hydration to your skin.

Caligold Organic Balm Range is the top trusted and reliable CBD brand name within the United Kingdom. They’ve produced a variety of CBD products, including:
Oil tinctures

Are These Suitable CBD Products for Eczema?

What all of these products have in common is thorough testing to determine if there are no chemicals in the fertilizer, metals or pesticides. There is a chance that these CBD products may prove beneficial to treat eczema.

But, every skin type is unique, so there’s no way to know the way your skin will react with every CBD product.

Thus, whenever you can try testing any topical CBD product that you purchase on a small area of skin first, to see whether there’s any reaction. If there’s not it is then you should consider applying it to a larger area. If you are using a tincture, or an edible, take just a small amount to determine what happens. However, you must proceed with caution and be patient to observe the result of making use of CBD to treat Eczema.

Skin Health: CBD for Eczema

There isn’t a lot of research specifically on CBD for the treatment of eczema. However, there’s a wealth of research that proves the positive results of CBD in the treatment of skin.

Skin is by far the biggest organ in your body. It creates a barrier of protection between your organs’ vital functions and the external world. It is constantly being exposed to environmental pollutants as well as contaminants, not to mention constantly changing weather conditions. This makes it extremely susceptible to inflammation, particularly in those with an inherited tendency to eczema.

Your skin can also help regulate your body’s temperature. It accomplishes this by raising or lowering the body hair and also allowing you to sweat.

Researchers have recently discovered that skin contains receptors for cannabinoids. These receptors bind with the cannabinoids the body produces as well as phytocannabinoids that are derived from cannabis plants.

These receptors are an important component in the endocannabinoid process that we know is involved in the process of allergic inflammation. Studies of mice have revealed that animals deficient in these receptors for cannabinoids have an increased allergic reaction than animals with the same receptors.

This is confirmed by another study that found that dogs suffering from Atopic dermatitis displayed higher levels of immune reactivity to cannabinoid receptors than healthy dogs.

Researchers have proposed that exposure of the endocannabinoid process to cannabinoids like CBD may help with skin issues such as eczema. It is possible that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can aid in relieving dry skin. Since cannabinoid receptors are found within the nerve system, CBD could aid in relieving symptoms of eczema like pain and itching.

Cannabinoids, such as CBD are also known to possess the ability to fight off bacteria that could also prevent secondary infections.

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How to Use CBD for Eczema

CBD is naturally present in cannabis plants. It is, however, often employed to treat ailments in the form of oils, extracts, or balms for topical use.

The act of taking CBD oil in the mouth is among the most effective ways to increase the benefits. You can consume CBD oil in its pure form or mix it with drinks or foods. CBD capsules as well as gummies are available and offer a simpler method of taking.

When you decide to take CBD oil in the beginning, it’s always recommended to begin at the lowest dosage you can and then gradually increase the dosage as time passes. CBD is not likely to trigger any adverse effects, however, it is best to be on the safe side and go slow. This means you can determine the most effective dosage that is effective for you, which could save your money.

The topical CBD balms are another excellent option to reduce discomfort and inflammation. Apply them directly to the areas you require the most. Make sure to choose products made of natural ingredients to prevent any further irritation. Some products contain additional ingredients like Caligold balm that soothes the skin, such as lavender or coconut oil. Try a small area of skin before proceeding to the next step, and be sure to avoid using the products on skin that is broken.

Is CBD suitable for Children who suffer from Eczema?

If your child is suffering from eczema, and you’re contemplating which CBD oil is suitable to use on them, you need to speak with your GP. If you are giving CBD to children, be sure to avoid all products that contain THC, the compound that causes intoxication that is found in marijuana THC.

CBD for Eczema: Final Thoughts

Eczema is a frequent and painful skin condition that is extremely common and distressing to the skin. It is often difficult to treat effectively since traditional treatments can cause adverse effects and provide only some temporary relief.

No doubt, further research is needed. However, it appears that CBD may be a natural solution to eczema by cutting down on itching, inflammation and discomfort.

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