30ml – 3000mg CBD Oil

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Experience CBD in its most potent, full spectrum form. For your ideal serving, take day and night consistently until you experience natural relief. All CaliGold CBD products are 100% Organic.

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  • 30ml bottle
  • Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil.
  • Pesticide Free – Heavy Metal Free
  • Independently lab tested for potency and purity
  • THC FREE Athlete Friendly

Premium Quality, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Approved by USDA providing guarantee, quality and its safety. Certificate of Analysis can be checked by clicking here

Sourced from Premium Grade USA Hemp – Colorado. Organically refined and cured to maximum strength


Hemp Plant/Flower Extract
Virgin Coconut Oil


Servings 30 | Servings Size 1ml | Organic Hemp Oil | Calories 256 | Total Fat 20g. 27% | Medium-chain | Triglycerides | (MCT) 13g | C8-0 Caprylic Acid 7.3g |C10.0 Capric Acid 5.0g | C12.0 Lauric Acid 0.7g


Shake well before use, one full dropper (1ml) per day, consult a doctor before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take if pregnant, breastfeeding, if taking other medication(s) or suffering from a medical condition(s). For use by adults ages 18 or over. Keep out of reach from children.

CBD oil is used by many people around the world to soothe and maintain many ailments including anxiety.

To find out How to use CBD oil for anxiety read our very informative blogs where you will discover

Is CBD oil good for anxiety?

Is CBD oil good for anxiety and depression?

Does CBD Oil help anxiety?

CBD dosage for anxiety?

Caligold is the best CBD Oil available in the UK for anxiety and depression.




92 reviews for 30ml – 3000mg CBD Oil

  1. JJ

    amazing quality

  2. Koleene D

    So happy with this. Could not be more grateful.

  3. Benjamin

    great great great

  4. Iona


  5. Samantha B

    Can’t say I’m disappointed at all!

  6. Laura Jenkin

    Did not expect it to actually work but it did and I am amazed

  7. Jose Fernandez

    Great great

  8. bluebird176

    I am very happy

  9. Henry123321

    Love it

  10. Julia Roberts

    Price and delivery is great and product

  11. Gillian McQue

    I am honestly so happy with the results. Has really improved my lifestyle and you can see that physically.

  12. Benjamin Kerry

    I am amazed at how much this has improved my sleeping pattern. It’s insane.

  13. Henry

    very great

  14. Kayden Lee

    I am extremely happy with the results I have got from this. I can sleep a lot easier

  15. Alejandro

    very very good

  16. Matt Terry

    my 4th time ordering from here and can honestly say I have never been disappointed it is so good

  17. Jason


  18. Hanton Greene

    very very very happy with this

  19. Monteraj

    Very happy with outcome

  20. Kameronzsxc


  21. Nazzy

    Helped with my studies

  22. Ferell

    Very good, I am happy

  23. maximus12344321

    Insanely good

  24. Julia

    Perfect. Nothing more to say

  25. Gia

    My fave cbd place

  26. Harriet Parker

    Would genuinely recommend to anyone

  27. Baghdad

    Very very good

  28. Jasmine

    Expected it to taste bad but it didn’t lol. Very good and helps a lot.

  29. Keyisha Zerano

    Love everything about this

  30. Yurrrrkelleeee12

    Love sleeping with this CBD no complaints

  31. Brojana

    this helps me a lot with sleeping

  32. Chantelle Ferunia

    very good and helpful

  33. Kelly

    Happy days when using this product

  34. Keiysha

    Soooo involve with this !

  35. Juli Ann

    Good, such a good company too

  36. Brii

    really happy with the results i got from this

  37. LovelyLulah

    helped me improve my sleeping routine and diet

  38. hannah

    Legit company

  39. Reese


  40. Greg


  41. Sully

    good, need to get some more soon

  42. Camilia

    wouldn’t go anywhere else

  43. Hayley2424

    Best cbd company

  44. Isla

    great! couldn’t be more happy with the results

  45. Ben Kswaier

    would literally recommend this company to anyone

  46. Lucas Johnson

    I tried other cod products from other companies when u guys were gone. Had no affect on me. Im so glad u guys are back because this is truly the only cod company that works for me.

  47. KrazyKimmie76

    Love this!

  48. Arturo Hernandez Mía

    this just amazing !

  49. Dew


  50. Eggle

    Good. Trustworthy and actually works.

  51. SparrowShot

    5 star

  52. Carrie

    I love this. It’s a great way to start feeling good about yourself again and it defo helps with surviving quarantine

  53. Draja Ju

    Cool product

  54. Derek Jimmale

    Very good!

  55. Zanny

    Saw this and had to cop it straight away and it was the best decision

  56. Yulu76

    Bit pricey but I can see why it’s worth it.

  57. Filip Kawertkszi

    A trusted company to buy from.

  58. David1253334

    Helped me with my shoulders

  59. Gabriella

    Been stressing from Uni and this helped

  60. Dafty45

    Despite the price, it’s really worth using this.

  61. PinkPuppy

    I feel refreshed after taking this.

  62. Jesse

    helped me shoulder pain

  63. Lola Soni

    Has had such a great impact on me life

  64. AyeshaLouise

    Has helped with my depression and I can finally go out without having social anxiety too.

  65. Adz123

    Moved up from the 1500 since I needed a lot more and it was such a great idea.

  66. JennaJ1

    Bit pricey but it’s really good!

  67. purplestars14

    Great product.

  68. Wendy Gill

    Honestly has helped me so much. Next time I buy from Cali Gold I will be getting the 6000 mg for sure!

  69. Tyrese Tabbat

    This is extremely good for my anxiety and has helped me massively. Thanks CaliGold.

  70. Oliver

    I have noticed a big difference with how I feel since taking this product. I feel so much more active and healthier, I love it.

  71. BluefaceSusan

    Such a fast delivery service. Product overall has helped me a lot.

  72. Keith Rogers

    Bought this for my mum as she was very ill. She has been using this for about 3 weeks and it makes me so happy to see that she is her normal self. She has been starting to go out more and socialising with my family a lot more. Thanks CaliGold.

  73. H Sahoka

    Superb product and quick delivery.

  74. Bradley Jones

    You will not find a better CBD Oil in the UK. Such a great company, their customer service is immaculate and the product works swiftly.

  75. Natalie

    I would recommend CaliGold as I have used many different other CBD Oils before and they didn’t really help. Since using this company’s CBD Oil it’s actually improved a lot that hurt and ached.

  76. Carlos Martinez

    I am very satisfied with this product.
    Had been having problems sleeping for 5/6 months and taking this product has immediately changed my sleeping pattern and has made me sleep straight away.

  77. Jose Fernandez

    It’s so peaceful dealing with this company, I have signed up for the membership and have been getting my CBD Oils monthly and on time. I almost have no problems with my health and pain and it’s all thanks to CaliGold!

  78. Jayden Smith

    I’m quite new to CBD Oils as I am young. I went for the 3000mg CBD Oil straight away as I had been getting extremely bad pains from Gym and work. I started about 2 weeks ago and my back pains have gone! I can now sleep and go out with my friends without constantly being in pain.

  79. SparkEmily

    For 9 months, I have been suffering from Insomnia. It’d been making me fall behind in University. I had been doing some research on CBD Oils for a couple months and gained the courage to try it out. I tried out this product and I think it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I now sleep quickly and for a long time, I love it and it has definitely impacted my work in Uni.

  80. Kevin Brian

    Have only used this product for 4 days and the pain in my back has already almost gone.

  81. Kai

    Great product and I have been using it for a long time. It’s a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth paying!

  82. Melissa Andrews

    Such a good honest company to be buying from! Have been feeling positive impacts on my health, I rarely ever get back aches anymore, I feel young again!

  83. Mikey Jerrim

    Great product however something hitched in the delivery, i spoke to the support and they got it sorted! Thanks

  84. Paulie

    Fab company. Got my delivery quick and the package was pleasing. Been using this for about a week now and can already feel changes happening.

  85. Dominic Reese

    I recommend buying from this company. The customer service and the communication is so good that it is shocking! Also, the CBD Oil has significantly improved my mental health and my physical health. Could not be more grateful buying from here.

  86. Greg H

    Upgraded from 1500mg and using this company’s CBD Oil has been a good decision for me!

  87. Lisa Murphy

    I feel safe and confident with buying from CaliGold. I’ve been using their CBD Oil for a while now and it has helped me a lot and it has never failed to please me.

  88. Robert B

    I love this product and it has helped me so much. I used to use a different product and it did nothing for me however, I started using this and it’s helped me a lot.

  89. Ralph

    Such a swift service and great packaging. Product is also great and has helped a lot.

  90. H. Gwen

    I’m very impressed with this oil. It keeps me calm, focused and feeling relaxed.

  91. Adrien

    Delivery service amazes me, the product is also great overall. Very happy with it.

  92. Ryan Jenson

    Great product and great customer service! Thank you so much.

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