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how to measure cbd oil
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Deciding to take CBD oil is a big step. Not only are you taking your health in your own hands instead of relying on pharmaceuticals, but it can be not very clear with bottles stating percentages over milligrams. It can be a struggle to work out what they are going on about.

How much Cannabidiol is there is a bottle and how long should a bottle last? 

Due to no regulatory standard in this market, there isn’t one straightforward, easy way to label CBD oil. This can often become a challenge when trying to compare different oils. 

Looking at a CBD oil bottle can have the same percentages on the bottle, but in reality, they contain completely different amounts of CBD. We found this confusing as well. At the end of the day, you want to know what you are purchasing. After all, it’s your hard-earned money.  

This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to create this quick and easy guide to explain all the numbers and percentages. 

Keep reading to be enlightened.  

Okay, so how can two bottles that contain the same percentages actually have varying amounts of CBD extract in them? 

CBD percentages

The answer is to look at the MILLIGRAMS that are in the bottle, not the percentages.  

Why is this? 

Well, the percentage does not represent how big the bottle is. 

The Milligram is what you will need to locate on the CBD bottle. So regardless of what the label states, you can compare the CBD oil Strength yourself regardless of brand. 

Let’s explain this further: 

Milligram to Gram 

Let us go for a quick math lesson, so we are freshly acquainted. (I haven’t done this since school either!) 

1000 milligrams are equal to 1 gram. 

So by switching the numbers, you can do the reverse, which is grams to milligrams.  

1 gram = 1000milligrams  

Check your Milligrams NOT Percentages. 

What does a CBD Percentage mean? 

This means how much CBD oil is in the bottle. So larger bottles have less CBD per drop-in them due to them being bigger bottles, but overall, the bottle will contain more CBD.  

How Does that work? 

If the bottle is larger, the CBD will be more diluted, leading to less CBD per drop. If you look at percentages when you are buying CBD oil, you will more than likely purchase oil, which is not the strength you require.  

So what should you avoid? 

Even though it’s tempting, do not look at the percentage of the bottle only. Concentrate on the milligrams. 

It does not matter if you are buying a small or larger bottle; this amount is static, so it does not change. This is the only way to ensure you are buying what you actually want. 

Okay here comes the math’s 

how much cbd oil

Calculating the CBD Concentration 

Working out the milligrams in any bottle of CBD oil is simple. Check how big the bottle is and what its percentage is. You will always find these on the label. You can then calculate the mg contents yourself.  

Should you wish to learn how to do it yourself, follow the steps below: 

(Bottle Size (ml) x CBD Percentage (%)) x 1000 = CBD concentration in milligrams 

For example, let us compare 5% CBD oil in a 30ml bottle and a 10ml bottle, to work out cannabidiol content in each bottle. 

30ml: ((30ml x 0.05)x 1000)) = 1500mg CBD 

10ml: ((10ml x 0.05) x 1000)) = 500mg CBD 

Looking at the above equation, you can see that bottle size makes a significant impact. The larger the bottle, the larger the amounts of CBD concentration.  

Super strength CBD

How long does a bottle of CBD oil last? 

This is definitely a debatable question. For the majority of individuals, a bottle lasts between 3-6 weeks, but there are several factors to consider, and it varies on your own personal intake. 

Instead, track your usage over a week, and answer the questions below to easily figure out how long a bottle will last you: 

  • How many drops do you take every day? – this is only relevant when you have found a dose that suits you, and you are regularly taking that dosage.  
  • How much ml does your bottle contain? 
  • How much is CBD (mg) in a bottle? 

Calculate how long a bottle of CBD oil lasts 

To answer this question for you will depend on the bottle size you use.  

Note, these calculations assume the bottles contain the average number of drops. Some contain a slightly high number, even for the same bottle size.  

cbd oil formula

Manually working it out. 

The majority of 10ml CBD tinctures contain between 200-220 drops, and most 30ml ones contain between 600-660 drops.   

Although many brands list this information with the product or on the product detail page(s), you can find our bottle specific info on the product pages.  

When you have this info, follow the steps in the example below: 

  • Assuming we are using a 10ml bottle of Caligold  
  • We are using 10 drops a day. 
  • The bottle contains 200 drops and each drop is 2.35mg CBD. 
  • Our daily dose is 10 x 2.35mg = 23.5mg 
  • Hence a bottle will last around 20 days (200 drops / 10 drops a day or 470mg / 23.5 = 20). 

We hope this has made it clearer when it comes to buying CBD and what strength or size bottle to go for. This is a relatively new product in the UK, and so learning is essential. 

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