10ml – 500mg CBD Oil

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Experience CBD in its most potent, full spectrum form. For your ideal serving, take day and night consistently until you experience natural relief. All CaliGold CBD products are 100% Organic.

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  • 10ml bottle
  • Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil.
  • Pesticide Free – Heavy Metal Free
  • Independently lab tested for potency and purity
  • THC FREE Athlete Friendly

Premium Quality, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Approved by USDA providing guarantee, quality and its safety. Certificate of Analysis can be checked by clicking here

Sourced from Premium Grade USA Hemp – Colorado. Organically refined and cured to maximum strength


Hemp Plant/Flower Extract
Virgin Coconut Oil


Servings 30 | Servings Size 1ml | Organic Hemp Oil | Calories 256 | Total Fat 20g. 27% | Medium-chain | Triglycerides | (MCT) 13g | C8-0 Caprylic Acid 7.3g |C10.0 Capric Acid 5.0g | C12.0 Lauric Acid 0.7g


Shake well before use, one full dropper (1ml) per day, consult a doctor before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take if pregnant, breastfeeding, if taking other medication(s) or suffering from a medical condition(s). For use by adults ages 18 or over. Keep out of reach from children.



100 reviews for 10ml – 500mg CBD Oil

  1. Harry

    Amazing. I really love the positive effects it has on me and it has had a positive impact on my life.

  2. Haddock Manes


  3. Mrs. Garcia

    Went for the biggest and I cannot say I am disappointed at all! One of the BEST products that I have ever purchased.

  4. Cohan Gray

    Went for one of the biggest and I am so happy with the results

  5. Jemima

    I am very happy with the results of this product. It has improved my functioning and productivity massively and I am very happy about it.

  6. Falona


  7. Rey

    I am extremely happy and I think this is the best and only product that has actually worked for me.

  8. Sara Leynac

    Great!!! I am glad I went for the biggest because it was worth it

  9. Dean

    I am so happy with this

  10. Firichi Singh

    Has changed my life for the better!

  11. Jeremy Hunch

    I am so happy with this. I am determined to use it consistently for the rest of the year and upcoming years. It has already sorted out my sleeping pattern and I am getting uni work done more easily.

  12. Yasmeen Kirichi

    Really happy with this and my back aches have gone and my sleeping schedule has restored back to normal. Really recommend!

  13. Jerry

    really happy with thus

  14. Layla V

    the price is really good and the product is so helpful towards me

  15. Lola Janekso

    Very very good

  16. Hannah Proseco

    Felt like I had to get this one straight away, a bit worried at first but honestly, it was 100% worth it; I love everything about this CBD product and could not complain about it once.

  17. Isaac

    Good good good !

  18. Chloe

    So glad I upgraded i really needed it, i trust this company sm and this cbd has changed my life for the best

  19. NiaMia


  20. Jonathon

    Good. Really happy with the outcome.

  21. Liyanna

    Good product 🙂

  22. Jemmie

    Good to have u guys back, had to get the biggest product haha

  23. postypat5


  24. HussainB1

    Dis is the only product that works for me

  25. Laylalovesdogs123

    I use this every night before I sleep and it works great!

  26. Jodie Thomas

    Its amazing

  27. Yajolie Brajole

    Good product.

  28. Donna B

    Great flavour and it works well.

  29. Ismeliah65

    Great. Just as it was advertised.

  30. Camela Killhana


  31. JackieJames

    helped my shoulder pain

  32. James.1111

    best cbd product i ever tried

  33. Anna Dorido

    The first time I tried CBD oil nothing really changed for me. I found out it was a cheap and a scam from another shop. I took cali golds cbd and it changed my life, for the best.

  34. Maria

    Really good.

  35. Benny

    Good. will be buying from here again

  36. Mddy67

    I was kinda icky about buying CBD oil but it turned out to be the greatest thing i ever got

  37. Jellie45

    Good and I couldn’t be happier w/ the results that I got with my sleeping.

  38. Mahir Kareem


  39. YaraJoke

    Has been a great product and caligold is very trustable.

  40. Lucas1

    Have arthritis and id always have these blimin pains in me hand but i started taking this and they’ve gone

  41. PinkxMalia


  42. Kamela

    Great product! Used it a couple times and can already see an improvement.

  43. Harriet Anne

    Just recieved it yesterday and already have been feeling better

  44. YasminStrat1

    Reliable and trust worthy !

  45. Greg

    Been buying from this company for months and they’ve never failed to impress me. Recommend it to everyone!

  46. Matt

    Great and delivery came on time

  47. Leo Capri

    Best cbd company in my opinion

  48. Joey Camber

    My mates told me about this and it turned out to be rlly good.

  49. Libby

    Love this product.

  50. Malia1276

    Why did I not know of this brand before?

  51. Gregory Wallice

    Surprised with how good this CBD oil is.

  52. Jonas.b

    I will be upgrading to a subscription.

  53. Frankie456

    Something happened w/ the delivery but it sorted out and it was fine. This oil helped me within minutes

  54. Jim


  55. Ratatata123

    Use this everyday and I have seen a great impact on my back and on my hands

  56. Luke Heathery

    Got this to help me improve my back and it improved massively.

  57. BigMo123

    Helped me

  58. Fashionista1276

    Have had great results wiv using this.

  59. Thomas Jenkin

    I used to hate going to work because of all the pains I’d get in my back from sitting down all day, now I can finally sit without pain.

  60. Kami

    Really great and it’s helped me a lot with the pains I would get in my fingers which would then lead me to cracking them.

  61. LouisaJO

    Never fails to amaze me, thinking about moving up to the 3000 or 6000mg.

  62. Marco

    Good product.

  63. Larissa K

    My second time buying this product, I’ve done a review before and it’s really good.

  64. Jonas Hugh

    One word to describe, great!

  65. KarinasKrazy11

    I’m coping with my depression really well since I’ve been taking this CBD.

  66. ProMia1998

    It really does help with anxiety!

  67. TrevorL123

    Best company and product out of the other ones that I have used.

  68. Leila John

    Good product and it does better than what I had expected.

  69. Chase Hilk

    So amazing and I will continue to keep on buying from Cali Gold.

  70. Malia Brown

    Has helped me with my acne. Also a great affordable price, could not be better.

  71. Lola Paige

    Quick delivery and this oil really works well.

  72. Jeremy George

    Perfect pain reliever. For me it’s really hard to find something that actually works and after using this oil I feel amazing. My anxiety and anxiousness has relieved and I feel so much more active.

  73. KatarinaDancer

    Works better than I expected and it came on time.

  74. Leon Fry

    I’ve tried multiple products that are like this but none of them helped. However, this has helped me with my back pains. I have had back pains for 2 years now and after using this product I can finally sleep peacefully throughout the night without waking up in pain.

  75. Rahil Rashid

    I must admit that at first I was reluctant of trying cbd oil because I wasn’t sure if it was for me. When I bought it and tried this, it’s relieved all stress and pain that I used to constantly have all day everyday.

  76. Dani

    I’ve bought this CBD Oil a couple times and I am so happy with the results every time. I don’t know what I would do without this because it helps me even better each time.

  77. Grace J

    Package came one day late but when I used this CBD Oil it worked for me like wonders and I can’t wait to use it some more.

  78. Sackeba Khan

    Great product and I am left amazed with the results once again. It’s relieved my lower back pains and bad migraines that I would constantly get. 10/10 would highly recommend.

  79. Naz Rahman

    Delivery was great and my package came on time. The CBD Oil works well and has helped me with so much.

  80. FruityLeyton

    Very good and it worked for me.

  81. Maria Carslisle

    Such a good product and it has helped with my pains very well.

  82. Tyler Knight

    Good product. I will be definitely sticking to CaliGold CBD for a long time.

  83. B Evergreen

    I did a little research for CBD Oil since mine was running low and came across Cali Gold. and in my opinion, I cannot go back from this company’s CBD Oil because it just works too well for me. Great start to the New Year!

  84. Marvin Jo

    Package came a couple days late but customer service sorted it out for me. I love this product and it helps me a lot.

  85. SmilaKyla

    I use this everyday and the drops have a nice taste so I’m not reluctant to using this.

  86. Valentina Grosso

    I use it before sleeping to help me relax and help me sleep well for the whole night.
    I am going to start using it more often when I have nervous moments throughout the day since they happen a lot.

  87. Joey Carrian

    My pain in my body has gone after using this for a couple days.

  88. Chase

    I used to play Rugby the I was younger and from playing that sport I always had really and pains on my shoulders and my back. I looked for a solution everywhere and couldn’t find one. I came across CBD Oil by Cli Gold and since I’ve been using this I have been great and I have no pains.

  89. Nadia Cowleigh

    Good product, I recommend.

  90. Sabrina Dianne

    I had really bad insomnia. After using this I have had a major sleep improvement.

  91. Amela Monse

    So good for anxiety and for getting a peaceful sleep. I’ll definitely be buying this again 🙂

  92. JoseTheRose

    It tastes of weed. Nice

  93. Meila Koranzika

    Great since it’s a natural oil that has a lot of health benefits.

  94. Adrian Reneavue

    Love it 🙂 Has helped me a lot

  95. Ana B Rosario

    Have used previous CBD Oils that haven’t worked but then I came across Cali Gold and it has removed all my back pains.

  96. Leo Beaton

    I’m an athlete and I pulled a muscle and I hd a really bad leg for a long time. I took this and after a couple days my pains in my legs and my back has almost gone.

  97. Anandra Hope

    I’ve already recommend to my friends. Great value and good quality.

  98. FalconP

    Great for insomnia and it works for me well.

  99. Farzana Custo

    Must buy! Great texture and it is pleasing to take for the results and the taste.

  100. Larissa K

    Helps me with my anxiety.

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