10ml – 1000mg CBD Oil

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Experience CBD in its most potent, full spectrum form. For your ideal serving, take day and night consistently until you experience natural relief. All CaliGold CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC.

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  • 10ml bottle
  • Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil.
  • Pesticide Free – Heavy Metal Free
  • Independently lab tested for potency and purity
  • THC FREE Athlete Friendly

Premium Quality, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Approved by USDA providing guarantee, quality and its safety. Certificate of Analysis can be checked by clicking here

Sourced from Premium Grade USA Hemp – Colorado. Organically refined and cured to maximum strength


Hemp Plant/Flower Extract
Virgin Coconut Oil


Servings 30 | Servings Size 1ml | Organic Hemp Oil | Calories 256 | Total Fat 20g. 27% | Medium-chain | Triglycerides | (MCT) 13g | C8-0 Caprylic Acid 7.3g |C10.0 Capric Acid 5.0g | C12.0 Lauric Acid 0.7g


Shake well before use, one full dropper (1ml) per day, consult a doctor before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take if pregnant, breastfeeding, if taking other medication(s) or suffering from a medical condition(s). For use by adults ages 18 or over. Keep out of reach from children.



53 reviews for 10ml – 1000mg CBD Oil

  1. Tianna

    Jus started buying from here and it’s a great and trustworthy company.

  2. Polo

    Great things!

  3. Jamie McCanninson

    Cool product 🙂

  4. Diego goncalvez

    great company! really liking what you’re doin here

  5. Lulu Makrinash

    Perfect product

  6. ShiningStar213

    I was honestly so happy to receive the email that you guys are back!

  7. TJ


  8. James Brooks

    Best CBD company, all other CBD’s have never worked for me but this one has had such a huge positive impact on my life.

  9. rainyskies76

    great company! so glad ur back

  10. Kirry453453

    Great company! Me and me wife have missed this.

  11. Jasmine

    I was so happy to receive the email from caligold saying that they’re back up and running. I’ll defo be making a few more purchases

  12. Katie1265

    Was so helpless without you, lol. Glad to have you guys back

  13. Tim Jeremy

    So happy to see that CaliGold is back! This pandemic did us all no good and I am glad that we now have you back!

  14. Giovanni

    Very good and works for me well

  15. Jessica Johnson

    Great i would definitely recommend to anyone suffering with sleeping problems

  16. Brooke8787

    Love this product. Works wonders

  17. Cece

    Good, love the packaging it comes in too.

  18. Lillian Hollohew

    Helped me with my leg pains

  19. James 1234


  20. Alexandra Maden

    Helped me with my sleeping problems

  21. Yaya76

    underrated company

  22. Jenkins1

    Good. couldn’t b happier

  23. Philly


  24. Tariq

    Such a good cbd oil and it tasted like weed

  25. Rajeshin

    Just ordered it the other day and it’s already come!

  26. Yas12

    Cannot believe I only found out about this now. It’s insane.

  27. Tyler White

    I use this every morning and night.

  28. Lola Moria


  29. Maisy Mae

    Moving up the 6000 soon.

  30. GracieGrayy

    Good product, it came in pristine packaging so I was really happy with it

  31. Gilly1

    Such a good product and I think that it could benefit so many people

  32. LuLu321

    I moved up from 1500 and it’s honestly been a life saver.

  33. JakeGl12

    Helped me with anxiety and depression.

  34. Ali Raheem


  35. Kirk1243

    Product came abit late but its great and has improved my sleeping

  36. Jacob Heath

    Always getting the best products and service from CaliGold!

  37. Anne White

    Great product, has helped me a lot and the price is suitable for it.

  38. D Charlene

    I have trouble sleeping and everyday for about 4 months I would be getting 4 hours of sleep. I took this last night and I timed myself for how long I slept and I ended up sleeping for 8 hours! I love this and it has helped me. I feel more active and like I can function properly.

  39. Oliver Perkins

    These are literally magic drops! Highly recommend to everyone.

  40. Christie

    Never knew about this until my friend mentioned it to me. I started using this for about a week and I can already see an improvement on my everyday life.

  41. Agata Denner

    It did the job it was supposed to. It helped me with pain relief, mood and energy levels.

  42. KrazyKristine

    I have bad arthritis in my back and wrists and after a few weeks of taking drops every day, the pain has lessened a lot.

  43. Kimmie Greene

    Great product but it arrived 2 days later than expected.

  44. Shane Wells

    Perfect. Helped me with my back 🙂

  45. Joe Smithy

    The real deal.

  46. SauceTrin

    Loveee this cbd oil. It has helped me with so much, I definitely recommend!

  47. Adam Skiboy

    Arrived nicely packaged. Effects are great so far, I had ordered this to help with anxiety. After I have been using this for a couple days I am already noticing an improvement.

  48. Bailey Ray

    I was a bit skeptical about buying CD Oil but after hearing about the benefits of using it, I decided to try it for myself. It has helped me with my pain in my knee.

  49. Sasha

    A fantastic CBD oil. I love the size and the strength of it. It arrived quick. It has helped me with the pain in my back and knees.

  50. Thomas Cantar

    Arrived promptly and has a good effect on me.

  51. Camila Collins

    Arrived a day late but since I have been using this it has relieved the pain from my lower back.

  52. Ms. McPherson

    I love this product and I will continue buying from here.

  53. JaneC

    Literally a bottle of magic.

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