How To Use CBD for Athletes’ Sports Injuries?

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CBD is a favourite alternative supplement in the UK with lots of positive physical effects on the body. The compound is used in dietary ranges and has the potential to aid with various ailments and improve lifestyle. CBD is being added to many products including balms to help with sports injuries. But, you might ask, is CBD Oil Legal in the UK? Yes, CBD is legal in the UK, but it does depend on an essential factor. The law in the UK states it has to be fit for human use and not be intoxicating to assure it is safe and not illegal.

How can CBD help me is I have a sports injury?

What is CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is a composite that comes from cannabis plants. CBD has been helping populations for years. There are widespread misunderstandings concerning CBD due to its association with another compound found in the plant, THC (the part that gets you high). For sellers of CBD to be licensed in the UK, their stock cannot contain more than 0.2% THC. 

Research shows CBD supports the endocannabinoid system in the body and can offer pain relief and help with anxiety and depression, among other things.

While CBD ranges are popular in the natural homoeopathic sector, there is a developing number of CBD supplements including tincture drops, balms and cream intended for athletes to support recovery from exercise and sport while also helping performance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list does not contain CBD. This means that it is approved for use in sport. However, all other goods carrying more powerful THC levels are not permitted and have a reporting level when a drug test is completed. 

But CBD Oil that has to be consumed is not the only delivery method but can still yield excellent results. CBD balm is a preferred favourite of many sportspeople. 

What is CBD balm used for?

CBD Balm is used for pain relief mostly. CBD has been investigated to help with various psychological ailments like anxiety, insomnia and depression to physical issues such as pain, achy joints, epilepsy, and inflammation. For a sportsperson, this supplement contains properties that are perfect for enhancing recovery times and supporting performance.

Here are some of the most common uses of CBD concerning sports injury:

1.Sports massage using CBD Balm 

 The most successful approach for muscle soreness, chronic pain, and general injuries are topical. It is suggested that CBD provides an anti-inflammatory force and is growing as a popular addition to sports massage therapies as CBD is combined within the balm and is administered directly to the skin. In addition, the balm can be suitable for pre and post-workout treatments that may help increase flexibility and decrease stiffness.

Deep tissue massage is a notable method to boost the recovery of athletic sports injuries, and CBD is now practised to treat problems such as muscle spasms, strains, sprains, and Achilles tendonitis. It is also used for managing daily muscle aches and pains. It has many more therapeutic benefits than compared to a cream. Our Balm has added incredible essential oils including:

  • Lavender Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil

which have added health influence or their own and enhance the CBD’s absorption. The balm is a salve that can quickly help with healing this is one of the major differences to the drops.

2. Pain relief for sports injuries

When an injury causes sore muscles or discomfort, relief is typically sought using medicine and physiotherapy. While doctors say professionals should invariably look at any damage, interim remedies such as CBD balm may potentially relieve pain to support recovery. They have a quick and beneficial impact and are a fast response to the treatment of sports trauma.

3. CBD to improve energy levels

In the past, healthy athletes and sportspeople used energy drinks and supplements to heighten alertness. However, oral CBD products are thought to give a similar result and boast a natural approach to improving energy levels. There is a significant quantity of caffeine in regular energy drinks, which can adversely affect the body, including accelerating heart rate and palpitations. Plus, there are withdrawal symptoms for people drinking large quantities. In contrast, the World Health Organisation report found no known public health risk when using CBD. It is reported to be well-tolerated.

CBD for inflammation and swelling cause by sports injuries.

The development of inflammation obstructs rehabilitation and undermines your performance no matter what sport you are taking part in. Balms comprising CBD Oil and Full-Spectrum CBD Oil tinctures may have an anti-inflammatory impact which sees the swelling decreased. So we know CBD Oil droppers can be used regularly and easily incorporated into a normal routine. Using CBD every day is quite common and people find it functional. Caligold CBD uses 100% organic oils in each bottle with differing strengths from 500mg to a superstrength of 6000mg. They are fit for newcomers and long-term consumers.  CBD Balm can be utilized topically and localised to get immediately to the area it is wanted. This creates quicker comfort and lessens the pain faster. This is excellent for competitors as it gets to the tension or twinges where ever need helping them get back and competition ready.


How often should you use CBD muscle balm?

The answer is as often as you like because you cannot overdose on CBD balm. CBD muscle balm works by soothing so you should use it when you feel pain. or a twinge that is interfering with your daily tasks. Because our CBD oil balm contains virtually no THC you will not get adverse psychoactive effects.

What strength of CBD should I use for sports injuries?

One of the central grey areas when using CBD is which strength of CBD you should use. Unfortunately, no hard and fast rule covers everybody and the problems they are managing. In addition, it can be not easy to be definite with dosage as diverse types of goods have varying amounts. The main function of CBD is to soothe and help. So dosing is subjective and an individual choice it also depends on the sports injury.

Most CBD companies advise beginning with a lower dose and observing how it affects you before proceeding onto more potent doses. High-quality CBD companies should have guidelines and suggested doses on the product to help you use it efficiently. For example, Caligold CBD balm comes in 2 concentrations: 1500mg and 3000mg. If you prefer to start with lower potency this is fine, then increasing to a CBD oil balm extra strength if needed.

How to use CBD balm?

CBD salves could be suitable to support recovery from sports injuries and training stress rather than standard NASID medication which people take for these conditions. People can be prescribed opiate medication by a doctor for the long term and using them is not good. CBD balm is something that can be used daily for days, weeks even months without individuals having any unpleasant side effects. However, there is still a lot of investigating that needs to be done can more clinical studies in humans to be conducted. However, the primary message for athletes thinking about using CBD oils and balms is to ensure they are from a legitimate and lab-tested company. In addition, they will present each CBD product’s ingredients and THC levels to assure they are suitable for use and won’t affect your eligibility to compete.

 If CBD can help with treating pain relief, reduce inflammation, and aid sleep, it naturally provides an effective solution for professional and amateur athletes.

If an athlete is contemplating using CBD, there are many features to investigate before carelessly using higher levels of THC than anticipated. As the industry is mostly unregulated, the production methods for some products may be considerably different from others. To guarantee an athlete uses the most trustworthy CBD oil for sports, reviewing ingredients and lab results of products is crucial prior to using. You should always check the review of other users.

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