CBD Guide: What you should know before buying.

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8 things you should know about CBD Oil before you buy.

CBD’s reputation is rising quickly in health circles, and as the demand increases, it is vital to be assured in understanding what you are buying and that it is from a trustworthy source. It is essential to begin by thinking about that, although several online shops sell CBD oil, not all of the brands are of an equally high standard. So, how do you distinguish between a low and high-quality brand?

This article intends to be your go-to guide to all information that you should grasp before buying CBD to be thoroughly knowledgeable and make the most suitable selection for you.


1. Is your CBD Product 3rd party laboratory tested?

Lab reports are the solution to identifying whether CBD Oil is safe to consume. A business that advertises it has 3rd party lab-tested reports that provides evidence of clarity and responsibility for every one of their products. Without it, there is no real way of knowing whether the product includes what it states or whether there is a severe risk of using dangerous pollutants which can have awful effects on people. Let’s face it, if you are taking anything orally you want to know is it natural and what is in it! You should always make sure you take time to view and understand the Certificate of Analysis (lab report) prior to buying any CBD supplements whether it is tinctures, gummies, edibles, capsules or even vaping.

2. Is the lab report accurate?

The primary concern to look for in a report is whether a certified laboratory has provided it following the guidelines of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). This means that you can be assured the laboratory is regulated by a governing body and complies to the high specifications and method of producing CBD Oil demanded. You should also see the date that the report was issued. A company that considers its ability to provide exceptional-quality products should be guaranteeing their products are tested frequently, and reports are consistently updated. The final thing worth investigating is that the cannabinoids content that is stated on the product and bottle does not hugely deviate from the lab report results.

To see an example of a fully verified and reliable lab report, visit the lab tests section of our website.

3. Is the CBD product legal?

CBD is not registered under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 . It is not deemed to be a controlled drug by the UK government. Nevertheless, there are specific standards that the product must meet is regards to thc content and for what is acceptable and safe to consume. CBD supplement, liquids and food should not be intoxicating. Each product should always state the strength. For more information, take a look at our blog on “ What is CBD? “.

4. What is in my CBD product?

Before using any CBD Oil, you should be 100% positive in understanding what is in it. Before buying, you should make sure you can view all the ingredients. There will most likely be several lengthy names that you may never have heard of; however, with a little investigation, you can verify that they will not have any adverse influences on you. Make sure the products are organic and the cannabis plants are free from chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. You can check the process and steps of testing for their produce. This research really only takes minutes and will give you peace of mind.

5. Where does the hemp come from ?

Our hemp is sourced from entirely licensed farms in Colorado USA. It is famous for its outstanding nutrient-rich soil to provide the highest quality hemp . Quality is essential, so a product that has been priced low usually indicates that quality has been lost to be able to sell so cheaply. These are most likely not effective in treating any conditions you are consuming the CBD for. More expensive products most likely means that premium ingredients have been used or that the organisation has a distinguished reputation. You should check how popular they are and read their reviews.

6. Company reputation?

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to understand if a company has a trustworthy reputation. This will show actual customers that have purchased and used their products for different relief purposes. Levels of feedback from other consumers will give you the best proof of the companies claims. You will see the positive experiences that customers have had, as well as any issues. A quick look through their website, including social media accounts, should provide an impression of everything the company is and how beneficial their products are.

7. How much CBD to take?

Learning how much CBD is in the product will put you on the best route to selecting the correct dosage. However, a lot of this comes down to an individual’s weight, chemistry and the acuteness of the medical condition you are treating. There will need to be a level of trial and error to see which doses serve best for you. If you are only just beginning with CBD oil, we always recommended to start with a low dose like a few drops daily as the oil is easily absorbed in to the bloodstream. From there, you can begin to increase drop till you arrive at a point where you are beginning to feel the best results.

What is in my CBD Oil

8. What does Broad Spectrum CBD mean?

When beginning to look at the CBD industry, you will see a mixture of CBD oils forms you can buy. Broad Spectrum CBD will be one of these. This gives the complete range of benefits attainable, without the danger of any psychoactive

How to take CBD Oil.

Attempting something novel and different can usually give you anxiety. Now, you can use this information and awareness to make a well-informed decision about the pros and cons of CBD and when buying the best calibre CBD products from a reliable company. Doubt will not stop you from ultimately reaping the full range of advantages and benefits that CBD can give and obtaining the accurate product for you. If you have any additional questions, please contact us – we are here to support you and make you feel comfortable when purchasing CBD products.

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