Can CBD help with symptoms of ‘Long Covid’?

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Long Covid has many symptoms that CBD oil is long associated with helping. As a result, victims of long covid are looking for ways to ease their suffering, and many are turning to CBD. But, is this the right choice?

What is Long Covid?

Long covid is the persistent symptoms felt by people who have been infected with a new disease called the Coronavirus. Even after the viral infection has gone, many are still experiencing or develop traits, weeks or even months after.

Can CBD help with long covid symptoms?

With Covid-19 being a new virus, we were all learning about it and its long-term effects on our health. However, one of the significant outcomes of this pandemic was that Covid was not a brief illness for some unfortunate people. 

While the NHS affirms that most people who catch the virus will feel better within several days or weeks. The majority will fully recover within 12 weeks; a notable minority will still be undergoing the impact weeks or even months after they were infected.

People who still suffer were diagnosed with long Covid or post-Covid-19 syndrome; very little is known why it strikes some people more than others – mainly when the initial infection is frequently mild.

However, preliminary investigations from the Covid Symptom Study App showed a more prominent risk of long Covid among people with asthma or other lung diseases. There is already damage to the respiratory or immune system and Covid has made things worse. Also, white women aged between 40 and 60, many times healthy with no underlying breathing conditions.

What are Long Covid symptoms ?

There are many common symptoms, and not all patients experience them all, but they include:

  • extreme fatigue, 
  • shortness of breath or breathlessness
  • chest tightness or chest pain
  • palpitations  
  • persistent cough
  • brain fog, 
  • altered taste and smell, 
  • joint pain  
  • muscle pain
  • gastrointestinal issues 
  • disterbed sleep

As it is a new disease, there are no long-term studies into recovery, but the sufferers of this syndrome have reported that these continuous symptoms hugely impact their daily lives. There are many stories coming developing of how it has a lasting negative impact on people. While not all patients are going to the hospital they are managing at home it is still a serious blight on their lives and everyday activities. This can trigger anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as physical factors associated with Covid.

Unfortunately, medical prospects are insufficient as research is ongoing, with moderate exercise, mindfulness, and regular rest, accompanied with over-the-counter pain pills, the only real treatments advised by specialists.

However, there may be different support; CBD has a rich history of relieving many related symptoms as found in long Covid and benefits from being harmless and non-addictive. Clinical studies have shown that CBD can offer great improvements on the systems of body and mind including:

Joint pain

CBD is a valuable defence in the struggle against chronic pain, historically producing much-needed comfort in ailments such as arthritis, where prescription-strength medicine failed. There have been multiple trials on CBD and cannabis for pain relief.

A clinical investigation of Canadian medical cannabis patients discovered that its use lessened prescription painkillers, down from 28 percent of participants at the start of the research to 11 percent by the end. 

It is decided that CBD’s pain-relieving qualities derive principally from its anti-inflammatory effects – making it ideally suited to this type of joint pain. While gentle exercises can be effective in helping to reduce joint and muscle pains it is not the only answer. CBD is very specific in helping to ease lingering aches and spasms.

Anxiety and stress

Growing analysis proves that CBD is a reliable and safe anxiety treatment. CBD has always been a major positive influence on mental health conditions. As a result, a Canadian company is creating a prescription drug based on the compound.

EmpowerPharm Inc is forming a unique formula comprising synthetic CBD as the active pharmaceutical component to treat anxiety.

And while the trial is continuing, introductory readings also imply that CBD has been shown to lessen stress in animals such as rats.

Test subjects were seen to have lesser behavioural indications of anxiety. In addition, the physiological signs of anxiety, such as raised heartbeat, also got better – excellent data for those for who long Covid has prompted palpitations of the heart.

Brain fog

One of the most stressful long Covid traits is brain fog and a failure to be able to concentrate.

While cannabis – which comprises high levels of the psychoactive THC( the bit that gets you “high”) – has been associated with weakened cognitive function, studies have uncovered that CBD oil may help improve cognition. CBD has a positive calming effect that can produce clarity.

These are just some of the benefits of CBD oil. There are many more, please read our article on What is CBD good for? to get a complete understanding of this powerful natural substance that searchers have been testing for years.

For those still experiencing the after-effects of Covid-19, it can seem that there is no relief possible due to the comparative newness of the condition.

CBD could be a safe, non-addictive alternative therapy to heal and alleviate the most severe symptoms until more is known concerning this debilitating condition. Health care can only provide so much advice. It is worth considering including CBD oil in your recovery plan. If you have any questions please speak to your GP or therapist before taking any CBD product.

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